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Alyssa Hicks - vocals, keys

Paul Cook - electric guitar, vocals

Daniella Covarrubias - vocals, percussion
*not pictured

Jeff Munn - vocals, guitars, banjo, organ

Marcus Bennett - bass

Daniel Kapulkin - drums, vocals

Having envisioned this band years ago, Jeff Munn knew it had to begin with the perfect girl, her uniquely harmonizing voice, and her piano. He found her on Rainey Street in Austin TX. Jeff and pocket bassist Marcus Bennett had already put a few songs together earlier in 2015 and by January 2016, the two of them with pianist and vocalist Alyssa Hicks began gigging as a 3-piece. The long downtime after a single gig in 2015 had caused the original drummer, Trent Weaver, to look elsewhere, creating a space for heavy metal turned folk rock drummer, Daniel Kapulkin, who brought the perfect combination of texture and energy to the rhythm section. 

Paul Cook (from Trent's new band!) joined on electric guitar shortly after, adding a cool and unexpected indie rock vibe to the folk rock sound. Jeff added Daniella Covarrubias (not pictured) to the family in late 2016 for her sultry vocals, amazing live energy, and constant sass. 

So what are they about? They all love to sing and jam and talk about science, love, animals, gifs, and hugs! Their debut EP "Hydrogen"--a catchy folk rock album with a unique indie vibe--was released on January 23, 2017 (dubbed 1/23 #MUNNday) on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and other digital music sites!


Photographer: Antonio Delgado


Don't forget to give someone a hug today!